Thursday, December 23, 2010

Condiments On Points Plus

Condiments you say?

Yep.  I'm talking adding Ketchup to a hot dog, Hoisen Sauce to soup, Relish to a burger.....

I must admit when doing the old Weight Watchers plan I never really measured these condiments. Remember I'm the half ass girl!!!

I have always been pretty diligent about dips . I mean come on those dips and salad dressings can add up real fast...

But condiments, well I take those for granted alot of the time.

Lets take a look see at some of our fav condiments ok...

2 tbsp= 1 point

When I use Ketchup I'm for sure using more than one tbsp that's a given..

for 2 servings that's 1 point.

Hoisin Sauce:
2 tbsp =3 points

BBQ Sauce:
2 tbsp= 2 points

1 tsp=1 point
Regular mayo is so much better than light in my opinion.

So you see the little tiny points here and there can add up when your say having a hot dog or maybe a burger. You really have to pay attention and remember to track track track when maybe your stalling a little..

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  1. That's my biggest downfall too, I always look at them as zero calories especially Ketchup! lol