Sunday, January 30, 2011

New Points Plus Daily Target

Hey everyone..

 Ive been getting a lot of comments regarding some of the new Points Plus Values for frozen foods, recipes etc.. A bunch of you are a little shocked at how high things are now.

If your like me your new Daily Points range has also increased as well now. So the new higher points really are not that bad. That being said , I can see if your a skinny mini and have say only 25 daily points. That would be a tad more trying to really see if something was worth it to eat. But for me this is making things more easier.

I find myself having to be reminded all the time that having say a 7pts plus value breakfast is ok. I can have 1 eggs, 1 serving of bacon, and a bagel thin and not really be to worried about how many points I have left for day.

 I still need to plan plan plan and plan, and think about what I want to eat for the day. But the newer Points Plus Values are making me aware of some of the crappy things I was telling myself that it was really ok to eat.. I'm sure you have been there .  I'm really unable to justify having say a small bag of chips instead of something more healthy and filling...

 I'm making conscience choices now and to be honest before when doing Weight Watchers on my own I was having a freaking hay day seeing what crap I could eat instead of making better choices. True True True!!!!


  1. I love the new plan...yes, the "cost" in Points Plus is a bit higher--but as you said, we all get more Points Plus values to spend...I think the plan is awesome (except that this week, I worked out every single night and stuck to plan...and gained 2.6 lbs...but it was hopefully only a reflection of PMS...had better be gone by next week's weigh in...:)

  2. Bet it is PMS!!! Good for you on the working out!!!

  3. Hi,
    How many daily points plus could a man over 60 eat if his starting weight is 270 lbs?
    I cn't find my start up booklet with the charts.

  4. Hey there Susan..
    I really can't say how many Points he would be getting because the new Weight Wathchers Points Plus isnt telling the points for people in the booklet. There making it impossible to do the WW program at home now with out paying.. Sucks for us I know. Thats why I gave in and joined finally... Hoo Hum.. If I ever see the points per weight range I will for sure let you know. :)

  5. SUSAN...

    If you could tell me how tall he is I would be able to calculate it for you... if you have an android phone you can download a free app that allows you to calculate it yourself, and you can change it whenever that way you can check for friends etc... the app is called Points+ and has a picture of a hamburger next to it.

  6. I downloaded the Android program... yay... I can do WW now!

  7. I want to start WW again but cannot afford it. I downloaded the Points+ on my Android phone. Thank you so much!