Thursday, July 21, 2011

Lean Cuisine & Healthy Choice Review

When at my local store I seen the Lean Cuisine Frozen Meals and Healthy Choice Steamers, I decided to whip out the Weight Watchers Point Calculator to do some point comparing.. And what did I find,  most of the meals are pretty darn close in points. So I decided to go ahead and buy some . Sometimes at lunch I just don't want to cook, measure yadda yadda. So I buy a few frozen meals to use during the week.

So far I tried 3 of the frozen meals.

The first one is Chicken Fettuccine. This boxed meal has a 7 PPs value. the serving size was pretty much what you expect from a boxed "DIET" meal. The taste was fresh and lovely. The chicken was chunky and plump and I actually really enjoyed it. I added a little more pepper to the meal because I love my pepper. But that's all it needed. I had that meal with a large salad and it filled me up till my afternoon snack.

The second boxed meal I got was the Cheese Ravioli also from Lean Cuisine. This meal had 6 PP's value. This was by far my favorite. The ravioli cooked perfectly and the filling was so creamy and cheesy.  The sauce was seasoned to perfection. I forgot to take a picture of this one. But it will for sure be a repeat for me . The only problem was that I really could of ate  2 boxes of the ravioli's. Per serving there was like 5 ravioli's so it was a tad small. But like before, a side salad made it filling enough. Hubby took one to work and by the time he came home he was starving. So for someone who isn't  watching portion sizes I'm assuming this would be not enough for them.

Last but not least I tried a Healthy Choice Steamer. I decided to try  the Orange Zest Chicken. Now this one was really different in the way it was contained. The box meal came in a bowl within a bowl of sauce that cooks and steams the upper part of the dish that holds all the food. This meal has a 8 PP's value which yes I admitt was a tad high. According to the box however it say's there is a Weight Watchers Points Plus Value of only 6 Hmmm.. Im going to go with the 8PP's by using my calculator.  However the meal was totally filling so I didn't need to add a salad or anything like that. The veggies were so crisp and the chicken pieces were large for a box meal and tender.  I was rather shocked at how healthy and yummy it was. The flavor was spot on and I really enjoyed the zesty orange taste. There was a hint of spice to the sauce .

There you have it. Sometimes its nice to try diffrent things and make life a little easier. All the frozen meals had no preservatives. Which is nice. I had zero guilt in eating them.


  1. Thanks for the review. Sounds good. :)

  2. I love frozen meal, because you can heat it up and it's ready to eat. But, just for 1 or 2 days, no more then that. Most of frozen meal are so high in sodium and make me so sick and can't take more than that. Some people have it for days and day, and don't even understand how could they eat it for so long. Anyway... xoxo!

  3. I just joined weight watchers yesterday and I haven't setup the points on my phone yet. This was extremely helpful. Thank you