Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Have You Tried Pickled Eggs. Yum...

I love love love pickled eggs. Yeah Yeah I know they sound gross, but if your a vinegar lover like me and if you love eggs and want a 2Points Plus mid afternoon snack make these...

You will need the following:

White Vinegar
Thumb Tack
Ball Mason Jars

With the thumb tack pierce the eggs on both ends. This will make peeling the eggs so easy. Fill a pot with cold water and add your eggs to it. Bring the water to a full rapid boil. Turn heat off and let sit for 15 min. Remove the hot  water and run cold water over eggs. Shake the eggs together in the pot till the shells are covered in little cracks. Let sit in the cold water for about 20 min.

Peel your eggs and place them into mason jars. Cover the eggs with vinegar and sprinkle come cracked pepper on top. Place mason jar lid on and refrigerate for about 2 weeks. The longer they sit the stronger the vinegar taste. YUMMY!


  1. Mmm haven't had one of these for ages - now I want one :)

  2. Um, I would love these! I love all things pickled or with vinegar! Thanks for the tip with the thumb tack. :D

    I am going to be making The Sandwich Kings hot giardiniera this weekend - can't wait!