Thursday, August 16, 2012

My Week So Far

Hey everyone...

My darn back is out again so Ive been taking it easy.. No weekly menu for this week. Hubby has been helping alot. 

A bunch of you requested the Bow Tie Pasta recipe shown with the Jamie Deen Chicken recipe.. Its also a recipe of his...

Here is a link to it for those who asked for it..  Bow Tie Pasta...  Its very yummy but I added some Lawrys seasoning salt to add a little more something to it. You can make it more Weight Watcher friendly by adding low fat mayo and cutting back on the cheese. But I recommend making it the proper way first to get a feel for it. Then go nuts..


  1. awesome! I will definitely give this a try! xo

  2. Do you know how many points the bow tie salad is?