Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Weigh In

0 loss this week.. Actually I gained 1 lb. Im getting frustrated and upset about this...
I worked out every day doing the couch to 5k .. I ate right and didn't have one single
silly cheat. Was even under my daily points.. Got my water in as well...
So what the heck?? This is a rant so sorry.
I feel like I do great one week then fail the next week. Im getting very annoyed and mad.. I feel great all week .. but as soon as I see that number on the scale I
start to get upset and let it control my mood for the damn week.
So here I go again .. Trying to loose the freaking lb I gained plus some..


  1. Your probably not eating enough... everyone says it sounds stupid when you tell them this but its true. You must eat your daily allowance. And if your gonna exercise everyday you should really eat some of your weekly propoints. I usually aim for 1/2 of them and that gives me a weight loss of about 2lbs normally. Give it a try and dont lose hope you can do it

  2. I will try that. I still keep think having left over points is good or something.. Apparently it's not.. Doh... :) thanks for the advice..

  3. Always remember the more you exercise you are gaining muscle.

  4. We all go through this. I had a .8 gain this week too. I'm hoping for a loss on Monday.
    I agree that you might not be eating enough. It does seem silly, but when I "over" eat I seem to lose weight. There are weeks that I hate to get on the scale because I just know I'm going to gain because of how much more I eat and those are the weeks I lose 2+ pounds. Why then don't I eat more every week? That's a very good question.

  5. Eat all of your daily points so that your body will allow you to lose the weight! It works!

  6. Stress is the worst thing for my weight loss...If I stress I don't lose, or gain. Sometimes it takes a week for all your hard work to show up on the scale. Don't sweat it girl! You know how hard you are working!

  7. I don't know the c25K you are using but mine is just 3 days a week with days in between to give your legs a break. I would definitely use more points on days you are working out harder than usual.